• For Researchers

    Toward advancing research into applications and creating academic start-ups

    Researchers in academia and start-ups aiming to promote their research results into business opportunities can receive hardware and software support from Kyoto University.

Innovation Hub Kyoto is a facility for open innovation established within Kyoto University.
Experienced professionals in academic research, start-up establishment, large company management, and investment gather here, forming networks to facilitate information and personnel exchange, aiming to nurture biomedical-related start-ups and grow research seeds into business opportunities.
The Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine has a strong tradition of supporting researchers in their quests for medical innovation, including drug discovery and development by researchers.
With the establishment of Innovation Hub Kyoto, new facilities expand this tradition to additionally support medical and diagnostic devices.
Researchers and start-ups who aim to develop drugs or devices have a hub for connecting to large companies and investors.