• For Researchers

    Toward advancing research into applications, and creation of academic startups.

    Researchers in academia and start-ups aiming to advance their research results into business can receive hardware and software support provided by Kyoto University.

    In addition to provision of experimental space and equipment, various exchange and support programs are also offered. At Innovation Hub Kyoto, these kinds of support and associated management are seamlessly handled by the Kyoto University Medical Science and Business Liaison Organization (KUMBL).



Researchers are provided numerous facilities to accelerate their research. Experimental facilities meeting biosafety level P2 are available, animal experiment facilities are located on the basement floor, and high-resolution, high-performance analysis equipment is provided at the Medical Research Support Center located on the 5th floor.

Support Program

The Kyoto University Medical Science and Business Liaison Organization (KUMBL) provision of a multitude of support programs for company startup and expansion allows its users to rapidly obtain financial and legal advice, and even human resource support.


Researchers can have opportunities to exchange opinions with managers, investors and tenant companies, resulting in the increased possibility for success in matching the needs of everyone involved.